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We want to build a climate-resilient future. 

We deliver critical, systemic climate intelligence data to global asset owners and investors.

We will redefine investment strategies worldwide through systemic risk intelligence, making climate resilience the new norm.


Photo of Cedric B. Robert, CEO of Alter Climate
Cedric B. Robert, CEO

An experienced executive with expertise in corporate strategy and climate change, spent 15 years leading an environmental consultancy (exited in 2017), then leveraged his executive MBA from McGill University to cofound Alter Climate Inc. in 2022, addressing the market's lack of relevant climate risk data.

Photo of Kevin Gentil-Cantin, CTO of Alter Climate
Kevin Gentil-Cantin, CTO

A data expert and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience and an executive MBA from MIT Sloan.  He began his career at Google, cofounded a company in 2013 that grew to 60 employees and was sold to a French consulting group, then cofounded Alter in 2022, driven by his interest in climate change and a desire to address the market's lack of relevant intelligence on climate risk.

Photo of Daria Hobeika, Cofounder of Alter Climate
Daria Hobeika

A lawyer and strategic advisor with expertise in strategy, environment, finance, and policy. She cofounded Clearsum in 2019 after her executive MBA from McGill University, leveraging her experience as chief of staff for several Québec ministries to help organizations navigate climate change challenges through sustainable growth.

Photo of François Senez, Cofounder of Alter Climate
François Senez

A financial risk management expert with an executive MBA from McGill University and 10 years at the National Bank of Canada where he managed >$5B in assets. He joined Clearsum as a cofounder in 2020, leading the climate risk team and overseeing the company's growth, investments, and financial stakeholder relationships, with the aim of increasing organizational resilience.

Photo of David Whittall, Head of Risk at Alter Climate
David Whittall, CFA

A seasoned investor and risk manager with international experience in cities like Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Montreal. David aids organizations in identifying and managing climate-related risks and opportunities, emphasizing that well-contextualized climate strategies become crucial elements of corporate planning.